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DISCOLOR - Soundbath Installation
" Soundbath Installation " is the 2nd album of Stefan Lienemann's (ex-Shiny Gnomes, Fit & Limo) sideproject Discolor. Limo (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, farfisa, Jupiter 4) is supported by friends on vocals, moog, strings and more. 55 minutes of gentle, relaxed, floating inner space music for your mind. Layers of guitar augmented by beautiful string sounds, white noise fuzz textures and analogue electronics. Step into "Colorsound", a mesmerizing chamber string quintet composition, wich floats gently downstream. Meet the classic Shiny Gnomes unit in "Sea of Tunes", an improvised 11 min. space lounge jam. Feel the spirit of Can ("Sustaining Halo"). Drift into pastoral ambient atmospheres. "This album trundles along like a space ship with its rockets cut off and you can almost see the crew lounging in their cabins gaping at the astonishing things gliding past close and wide. They've got all the time of the world, and an inner calmness will inevitably result if you choose to come along with them." H.J. Klitsch (Hartbeat Mag.) on Discolor "s/t", anticipating "Soundbath Installation" CD

13.30 €

Discolor is the solo project of Stefan Lienemann alias Limo of Shiny Gnomes and Fit + Limo (supported by friends on moog, cello, violin). Discolor combine new space travelogue with Fit + Limo folk sensibility. The songs expand into pastoral, multilayered guitar landscapes. Solar distortions, white noise acoustics, hypnotic sitar-driven Eastern Kraut dub and chamber string drones create a deeply psychedelic space trance experience. The album ends with a beautiful, haunting version of the Beach Boy's In my room. Discolor show influences of the new UK/US/NZ space rock/drone scene (FSA, Jessamine, Amp, Montgomery etc.), which in itself is influenced by Kraut Rock of the 70's, so the circle closes... CD

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